deriv001 – C. Reider – The Conjuncts


  • Hello, I am Asleep
  • Find Beauty, Even in the Mundane
  • Fall Gales
  • Immaterial Girl
  • Second Nothing
  • Libertarian Entertainment Automaton
  • Juggalo Bear Fap

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Sonic Squirrel mirror. (coming soon)
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Огромное спасибо to Anna Guseva for her painting for the cover art. Check out more of her work:

Tags: tuneful, insular, dreamy, abstract, blurry, rhythmic
Artist’s website: Vuzh Music
License: CC BY NC SA

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– Hello I Am Asleep

– Find Beauty Even in the Mundane

– Fall Gales

This one remixes three artists from the Nowaki Netlabel, originally made as part of the 39th Disquiet Junto project titled “Netlabel Derivations”. Visit Nowaki Netlabel to download each of these albums, they don’t allow deep linking, so I can’t link directly to the albums.

  • “Irise” from Summit by Barascud
  • “Sumatra” from Archipel by André D / Christophe Meulien
  • “She Likes to Look at the Sky” from No Love Please by Kluge

Nowaki also has released a compilation album of all of the remixes from the 39th Disquiet Junto, check it out.

– Immaterial Girl

– Second Nothing

  • “number none v.01r” from selected dubs, vol. 1 by Nofi (R.I.P. Jeffrey Melton. I planned this release in secret, and looked forward to surprising the artists whose work is used as source material. Jeffrey never got to hear this remix.)

– Libertarian Entertainment Automaton

– Juggalo Bear Fap

This track was originally recorded for Disquiet Junto project 28 “Netlabel Net”, in which participants remixed tracks from Xesús Valle’s great 2012 album “Gently Annoying”.

  • “Guamimita”, “Tanku”, “Umita” and “Esetala” from Gently Annoying by Xesús Valle
  • A clip from the 1934 version of “Of Human Bondage” which is in the Public Domain. The clip features Bette Davis and Leslie Howard.